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The definition of game and playtime has been changing rapidly with generations. Playing games was once limited to children’s activities, where such games involved vigorous physical activities, but with the invention of video games, adult engagement in gaming activities became common phenomena.
Gradually gaming was introduced in the world of internet, where anybody could browse through a wide range of games online to play from as well as download and play offline. The initiation of games online attracted a huge crowd from all age groups who constantly demanded more and more games. There were a number of games like solitaire, racing, the minesweeper that were invented with the help of internet and web coding which were played and enjoyed by many. People from all over the world were, however, eager to play board games like carom, ludo and chess digitally. Converting board games and card games into digital games with the same specifications was not an easy task, and the best of the minds were engaged in developing board games in a digital format. Game development is a specific branch of software technology that requires dedicated research and development. One of such game development company is Zensly Technology, where some of the most brilliant engineers are committed to developing software that produces and run a versatile number of games glitch-free.

Gaming services provided by Zensly Technology

Zensly Technology is a company that provides a comprehensive service for Game development and is not limited to a single aspect of the development of a digital game. The comprehensive services provided by the company amounts to the following !

  • Card Game Development
  • Board Game Development
  • Educational Games Development
  • Sports Games Development
  • Game Designing
  • Game Testing
  • Card Game Development

Zensly Technology works on developing card games that reflect the traditional rule with which it is played manually but at the same time, adds certain new features to modify the nature of the game. The company has come up with various ideas relating to card games that are distinct to one another but are equally interesting.

Board Game Development

Best Web Development Company in Delhi

The company shares its fair share of expertise in developing board games. A team of engineers are constantly in the process of evolving board games like carom, ludo, chess etc. These games have many features and provide gamers with varied option. The company has come up with board games which can be played by solo individuals, play online with friends and also play against the computer. All the board games are designed in ways that carry the same essence as manual games.

Educational Game Development

Best Web Development Company in Delhi

As young children are the most glued to the games, our team is constantly in the process of designing and developing educational games that will serve as a learning opportunity for children and are equally interesting like any other game.

Sports Game Development

Best Web Development Company in Delhi

A sports game is the most played digital game, but developing a sports game is challenging. Our team of experts have developed many sports games like care and bike racing games and are tested over and over again till the game runs smoothly and free of glitch.

Game Designing

Best Web Development Company in Delhi

The services provided are not limited to develop digital games but also extends to design the interface of the games. Game designs include creative content like graphic design, developing characters; design the interface of every level of a particular game that is necessary to publish a game. Zensly Technology takes care of everything associated with game development and design.

Game Testing

Best Web Development Company in Delhi

Game testing or Quality Assurance is the last process of game development where the designed game is put to run continuously checked for bugs or glitch. Our team of game testers cross-check all the features of the game and tally it with the expected outcome. The test engineers prepare a bug report in case of bugs experienced during the mock run of the game, which is further rectified by the team of developers.
Our team of engineers ensure that the programmes developed by are adaptive on maximum platforms. As of now, we have developed games for the following platforms:

iOS Game Development

Best Web Development Company in Delhi

iOS technology is used by a significant population through iPhones, iPads etc. This technology is different from the general android technology, and its applications run on a specific software program and in response to it, Zensly Technology develops customised games that can be played on apple platforms.

Windows Game Development

Best Web Development Company in Delhi

Windows game platform has the highest reach to gamers worldwide. Microsoft has extended its ambit for game developers. The games produced by the company can run on windows when integrated with Xbox, phones etc.

Android Game Development

Best Web Development Company in Delhi

Android is an Operating System that is incorporated in mobile phones. The company has a specific team of android game engineers who build games that are transferred to the platforms like play store, windows etc. Zensly Technology provides android game services such as android game development, business-oriented game development, android game designing and publishing. The services of the company also extend to providing android game support and maintenance.

Mobile Game Development

Best Web Development Company in Delhi

Mobile phones are a handy asset that needs no other equipment to play a game. Most of the mobile games are either inbuilt in the device or can easily be downloaded. The company uses tallest software tools to come up with mobile games. Along with mobile game development, our services include mobile game design and character animation, testing etc.

Desktop Game Development

Best Web Development Company in Delhi

The company has professional experience in developing desktop and PC games. It has developed games of many genres like mystery, track racing, puzzle etc. Action games are the best to be played on desktop, and the company comes up with creative ideas using the latest tools to create adventurous desktop games that have been highly appreciated by the players.

2D/3D Game Development

Best Web Development Company in Delhi

These games are quite different from all other games as they look and appear very close to reality. The company is committed to providing such games that display virtual reality to the players. 2D/3D Games are developed, tested over and over again until the final product is perfect.

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